Isle of Lewis Day Tour

Bosta Beach

NOW OPEN for 2021/22 Isle of Lewis Day Tour you visit the Arnol Blackhouse, the Carloway Broch, Callanish Stone Circle, Dalbeg and Bosta beach. Leaves at 10.30am from Stornoway. Photostops.
£85 per person

Isle of Harris Day Tour

luskentyre beach

NOW OPEN FOR 2021/22 Harris Day Tour takes you to Tarbert, Luskentyre beach, the golden Road and St Clements Church. Leaves from Stornoway town centre every Monday to Saturday at 10:30am.      £95 per person

Harris & Lewis Tour

Iron Age House Bosta Beach

NOW OPEN 2021/22 Harris and Lewis tour includes the Arnol Blackhouse, Carloway Broch, Callanish, Luskentyre Beach, Golden Road and weaver demonstration.  Mon-Sat 9:00am
£155 per person.

Peat Smoke29th November, 2019 - Winter weather is with us and the Northerly winds are chilling. Here is a picture taken from inside the Bosta Iron Age House on the Island of Bernera showing the peat smoke filled air. Imagine a family group of Iron age people huddled in their underground house, sheltering from the biteing wind, the only heat coming from the flames of a peat fire. For those of you that have never smelt the sweet aroma of peat smoke, a visit to the Isle of lewis will quickly sort that out, as peat is still cut on the Island.

Questions: Do people still cut peat?  Answer: Yes, peat is still cut all over the Island. Question: When do people cut peat?  Answer: Peat cutting starts usually around the 1st of May. Questions: Where can I see peat cutting?  Answer: Most areas of peat land or moorland near the roads will have peat banks where peat is cut. Questions: Where can I see a peat fire? Answer: The Love Hebrides Tour includes a visit to the Arnol Black house where you can sit by a peat fire. Questions: What is peat?   Answer: Peat is the decayed and compressed remains of moss, grasses and heather. Questions: Do people still burn peat?  Answer: Most people today have modern central heating systems, but there are many people throughout the Island that still burn peat.

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